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Building Inspections, Roof, Window and Exterior Wall Leak Investigations

Forensic Constructing Consulting

The inspection and investigation of construction issues and performance problems in residential and commercial buildings such as roof leaks, window leaks, cracks, building code violations, and more.

Forensic construction consulting is utilized to determine the source of the issue by way of visual inspections, water testing, destructive testing, Infrared Thermography, and other non-invasive equipment.

Infrared Thermography


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Infrared thermography is a science dedicated to the acquisition and processing of thermal information from non-contact measurement devices such as a thermal imaging camera (temperature picture).

This is done by analyzing infrared (IR) radiation emitted from an object whose temperature is above absolute zero. Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting heat signatures and displaying them as a gradient scale on the devices screen.


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Construction Expert Witness

A construction expert has extensive knowledge and expertise of the construction industry including construction accidents and construction injury. Their testimony helps to inform the trier of fact on issues related to construction standard of care such as code requirements and compliance, manufacture installation instructions, construction costs, and construction defects.

The construction expert witness’s duty is to apply their expertise to give a professional opinion to the trier of fact on particular matters in a dispute.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors Complaint Expert

Similar to the construction expert witness in litigated cases, a construction expert can be invaluable for complaints filed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Established in 1931, the Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) licenses and regulates over 45,000 residential and commercial contractors. AZ ROC staff investigate and work to resolve complaints against licensed contractors and unlicensed entities.

Insurance Appraisal

Appraisal is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution which can resolve disagreement when the Carrier and Policyholder do not agree on the amount of loss. Once the Appraisal clause/provision is invoked, the insured’s appraiser and the insurance carrier’s appraiser will estimate the damage and try to come to an agreement on the amount of loss.

If the appraisers fail to agree, they will submit their differences to the umpire. An itemized decision agreed to by two of these three will set the amount of loss.

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