Construction Expert Witness

Shelton Consulting Group provides forensic construction consulting and expert witness services in the areas of general contracting, subcontracting, home inspection, appraisals, and construction related personal injury cases. Mr. Shelton is a licensed residential and light commercial general contractor and registered home inspector. Mr. Shelton has more than 40 years of construction experience in Arizona. This experience includes, but is not limited to journeyman carpenter, construction foreman, construction superintendent, construction project manager, general contractor, home inspector and construction expert witness. Mr. Shelton has testified as an expert witness in construction related disputes in Arizona and New Mexico. Mr. Shelton has hands on working experience in concrete, carpentry, cabinetry, roofing, windows, doors, waterproofing, drywall, stucco, painting, and coatings.

The role of the construction expert witness has long been important in the resolution of construction disputes. The specialist opinion brought by the construction expert witness can aid in the understanding and interpretation of the facts of the dispute and may be influential in deciding the outcome. The variety of dispute resolution procedures and the requirement for the construction expert witness to be independent places a heavy burden on the parties to identify and instruct an appropriate expert, and on the expert to ensure they discharge their duty in the correct manner.

Construction claims often deal with complex issues and require experts to evaluate them and be able to testify to the facts, the impacts, and the damages. A qualified construction expert witness possess the skill and experience needed to investigate the project documents, perform the appropriate analysis, develop the expert reports, and provide associated expert testimony to help others understand the impacts and damages that occurred on the project.

Forensic investigations in construction defect claims are comprehensive and exhaustive so that we can distinguish the truth from allegations, and our construction litigation expert witness testimony provides a credible account to any jury, judge, or panel so that they might make the most well-informed decision regarding our clients. Understanding the facts of what happened on a project, a qualified construction expert witness can perform the detailed analysis necessary to substantiate the impacts and quantify the resulting damages.

A qualified construction expert witness must appreciate the importance of being able to convey the concepts and events in a way that a judge, jury, or arbitration panel – people that may not be familiar with the details of how to execute a construction project – can understand. Whether in our expert reports or in testimony, our experts have experience in distilling the complex issues, events, and impacts in a manner that others can follow.


  • Arizona Contractors License – KB-2 # 252589
  • State of Arizona Certified Home Inspector # 38095


  • Arizona Association of Defense Counsel, Sponsor Member
  • American Arbitration Association – Completed Basic Mediator Skills Training
  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners – Certified Journeyman Carpenter, State of Arizona
  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners – Completed 4-year Carpenter Apprenticeship program, Journeyman Carpenter, State of Arizona
  • AAMA/FGIA – Installation Masters Window & Door Installer Certification – Certified Installer
  • Post Tension Institute – Certified Post Tension Concrete Inspector
  • Infrared Training Institute – Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, Certified Building Science Thermographer
  • American Society of Home Inspectors – Certified Home Inspector
  • Inspection Training Associates – Certified Residential Property Inspector, Certified Commercial Building Inspector
  • Environments for Living – Certified Diamond Level
  • OSHA Construction 10-Hour Safety Training
  • WIRSBO – Certified AquaPex Inspector and Installer
  • Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) – Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation
  • GAF CARE – Completed 3-Day Advanced TPO Training
  • Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) – Member, Certified Tile Roof Installer
  • National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) – Member
  • EIFS Industry Members Association – Member
  • International Code Council – Member
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